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In this article I would like to talk to you all about one of my last crops, with a plants that—from now on—i s always going to be in my “mother” closet: Zombie Kush from our Ripper Seeds marijuana seed bank, which fell into my hands thanks to a great friend to whom I am very thankful for this and other favors.


History of how Zombie Kush was grown


This time I was carrying out a Critical Mass self-grow when a friend let me know that he was going to give me a Zombie Kush clone, which I had smoked on other occasions but had never personally grown.

In order to grow it, I used the fertilizing technique that I explained in another article about cultivation methods. It was done in 5 liter pots using a well known soil brand (light mix version).

The whole grow cycle was done under a 600w Hps, with a recently changed bulb so that the plants could receive maximum light at all times, yielding an optimal result in terms of production.

The temperature at which I grew this variety was around 30º centigrade during the growing phase, and never went above 28º degrees during flowering, given that it was done in the hottest summer months. In my opinion, it was close to the temperature limit and if it hadn’t been so high, production would have been better, although it was good under these conditions.

The humidity was around 50% at all times, demonstrating that it wasn’t under any circumstances a high relative humidity for flowering. I would not recommend that you go above 50% humidity with this type of plant, since as much as its flowers fill out you could experience an undesirable outcome causing you to have to throw out a portion of the valuable flowers.

This time it took a total of 25 days of growth. As you all know, this type of plant has a longer growing period, (30 days approximately) to reach complete development without letting the plants be too small, which would cause the flowers to also be underdeveloped.

I raised the Ec of the water with this variety to 2.0, without seeing any signs of over-fertilization or any type of nutrient deficiency. The pH of the irrigation water was always checked on to make sure that it reached the pH 6 range. At that pH the plant digested nutrients well and ended its flowering period in perfect condition.


Surprising factoids about Zombie Kush


In my personal opinion, this variety is one of the marijuana plants that benefits from a low rhythm of nutrients and if possible, biological fertilizers. Given these, the smell that emerges from the plant’s flowers at the end of flowering is something that will delight you day after day while the flowers are maturing.

The aroma of this variety after a few days of drying (as we can see in this photograph) is a perfect mixture of the subtleties typical of Bubba Kush, like licorice and touches of wet soil, as well as fresh lavender notes that come from the Lavender Kush variety.


Zombie Kush del banco de semillas de marihuana Ripper Seeds


I never imagined that a variety that contains the famous Bubba Kush in its parentage could finish flowering in as little as 55 days. Arriving at the 5th flowering week, I could already see that the process was moving along and that soon I would need to start with a good root cleaning. I like to allow at least two weeks for cleaning in order to make sure that every trace of fertilizer left in the soil can be ingested by the plant, nourishing even the oldest leaves.

If you are a Kush variety lover and you are looking for a plant that has early flowering and jaw-dropping resin production, Zombie Kush should be, without a doubt, your choice.