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Thanks to the Fundación Canna (Canna Foundation), dedicated to the scientific research and analysis of Cannabis, with just a tiny amount of bud we can get an idea of the terpinoids contained in a variety.

It’s worth keeping in mind that growing conditions and method of preserving cannabis seeds can substantially change the amount of terpenoids in a sample, but this assessment works as a broader model.

In this case we are analyzing a sample of our feminized Toxic outdoor marijuana seeds that have been air dried for almost three months without any type of preservation. Given this information, we can assume that the sample will have lost a large part of its monoterpenes, which are extremely volatile, but relative proportions will still be present.


Resultado test de terpenos de las semillas de marihuana feminizadas Toxic de exterior, de Ripper Seeds


In this analysis we can make various observations:

Firstly, that the percentages of real terpenoids in the sample are low and this, together with the appearance of oxidized sesquiterpenes, shows that the sample is slightly oxidized.

Secondly, Toxic, being a polyhybrid, pulls its weight in terms of terpenoids. Limonene predominates in relative proportion to other terpenoids, but beyond that, there are hardly even traces of other terpenoids besides Limonen and Myrcene.

As many know, Limonene is a sought after terpene for extractions and concentrates due to its high return.

To continue, we have attached a description of Limonene from Fundación Canna:

“Limonene is the primary cyclical carbohydrate component in essential oils of the lemon and other citrus peels, which is where it derives its name. It is the second terpene most widely found in nature, and is a go between in the biosynthesis of other terpenes. Limonene is not found in insects, in contrast with pinene, but it has also shown repellent activity in addition to being useful as an insecticide . Limonene is widely used in the dietary and pharmaceutical industry as a flavoring. Lately, it’s use in topical bandages to improve transdermic absorption of active ingredients has been studied.

In the cosmetic industry and cleaning products, limonene is employed as a fragrance and an organic, biodegradable and environmentally conscious solvent. Limonene is absorbed rapidly through inhalation as well as through cutaneous means, and is metabolized quickly, but there are indications that it accumulates in fatty tissues such as the brain. Limonene is non-toxic, and does not produce cutaneous irritation, but some of its air oxidized properties are skin are mucous membrane irritants, producing dermatitis in 3% of people to whom it has been exposed in high doses over a long period of time, such as paint industry workers, among others. Still, limonene has therapeutic effects on certain dermatological illnesses as well as antiseptic properties, above all against acne bacteria.

Animal studies suggest that limonene has tranquilizer effects, producing an increase in seretonin and dopamine neurotransmitters in the brain. It has been shown that the release of limonene in an environment has diminished depressive symptoms in hospitalized patients as well as producing a strong immunostimulation reaction. Limonene also produces apoptosis, or cellular death, in breast cancer cells and it’s efficacy is currently being tested in clinical trials. Finally, limonene’s use against acid reflux has been patented.”

The scope of terpenoids and cannabinoids is highly complex, but perhaps bit by bit, and with the analysis of successive samples, we can shine the light on certain aspects.

You can also check out our Analysis of terpenoids in our feminized Black Valley marijuana seeds.



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