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Substratum’s function


Substratum’s primary function, whether it is organic or inorganic, is to provide a place in which plants are fixed as well as a good environment for the growth of the plant’s roots.

The three most important elements for good development when it comes to substratum are: oxygen, water and nutrients. Oxygen is the most important of any of these, since without this element the plants can’t absorb water or nutrients.

The plant’s roots constantly exchange CO2 and oxygen. The substratum needs to be sufficiently aerated in order to allow CO2 to escape and become substituted with oxygen, which is essential for normal root development.

When something inhibits that our marijuana plants absorb this element, their metabolic and respiratory activity becomes paralyzed and this affects all of its vital processes.


Characteristics of good substratum in order to plant marijuana seeds


Tipos de sustrato para cultivar semillas de marihuana


Good substratum should have some basic characteristics for a good exchange of oxygen and to retain the amount of water that is necessary for the plant to assimilate nutrients and breathe through its roots.

When the substratum is too compact or tends to over-saturate it causes the roots to rot and inhibits their development. On the other hand, if the substratum dries too quickly it means that the water is evaporating before the plant can assimilate it. This will cause an excess of salts if it has continuous feeding. A good substratum should dry in a maximum of 3-4 days.

It often happens that a grower has a good substratum to cultivate cannabis but it isn’t treated adequately. You must maintain the periods of humidity-dryness. Don’t water again until the water from the previous irrigation evaporates, allowing for good transpiration.

It is also important to know about the substratum with which you are working in order to adjust the nutrition levels to it. There are various kind of substratum, but basically we can separate them into two groups:

  • Inert substratums: these are those that are used for hydroponic growing (without soil) and, as its name indicated, they don’t contain any type of nutrient. Among them you will most frequently find expanded clay, rockwool, or coconut.
  • Fertilized substratums: among these you will find all types of mixtures of peat, with humus, organic material and even worms.

We recommend using specialized substratums for cannabis cultivation unless you are very experienced. Good soil will make everything much easier and will provide a better final result.


Recomendamos utilizar sustratos especializados para el cultivo del cannabis sino se es muy experimentado. Una buena tierra facilitará muchísimo las cosas y nos dará un mejor resultado final.