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Whether for the speed with which we can obtain our extract or for the fact that no solvent is needed, Rosin tech has become one of the best known extraction techniques in the world of concentrates.

The Rosin extract is so simple that in as little as a few minutes you can try the concentrate obtained by your extract. In order to do this, you need:

  • as little as a few grams of marijuana broken up into small portions (0.2 g)
  • a hair straightener, and a piece of greaseproof paper (for baking)
  • a kitchen glove or something to prevent burns
  • a dabber


Rosin tech extraction process


  1. In the Rosin Tech extraction process, the first step is to preheat the hair straightener and, while you wait, prepare the strips of grease-proof paper in which you will wrap the bits of bud that you have.
  2. Once the hair straightener has reached its desired temperature, put the previously rolled up buds between the straightener plaques and apply maximum pressure over the buds for a few seconds, making it such that the resin sticks to the grease-proof paper in which it is wrapped.
  3. Finally, in order to collect the Rosin from the paper correctly, you should us a dabber, or a knife in case you don’t have a dabber. Collect the material onto the dabber very carefully and then pass it to an oil slick or another clean piece of grease-proof paper.


The Rosin tech method can also be a good method to take advantage of low quality material, converting it into dabbable material. For example, it allows us to reuse the same material or utilize low quality material extracted by different methods, such as bubble hash material that is obtained in high micrage mesh.

In the event that you want to use bubble hash material from high micrage mesh you will also need a strip of 25 micron mesh in order to retain undesirable material.

Watch out! You must keep in mind that temperature as much as the pressure on the buds will determine, in part, the quality of our Rosin tech extraction, since the greater the temperature and pressure the more terpenes will be lost.

Below is the relative temperature and time of pressure most commonly used for this technique.


Temperature – Time

80º-90ºC         25-30 sec
100º-120ºC    15-20 sec
120º-130ºC     8-12 sec
130º-150ºC     4-6 sec


Extracting Rosin with Ripper Seeds:


In order to put this resin extraction technique into practice we visited our Ripper Seeds team, who had some excellent Zombie Kush and other Criminal+ buds prepared for us. We didn’t even need to touch the samples to be inundated by their intense earthy smell and piercing notes—a typical feature of some Kush phenotypes.

With all of our materials prepared and the hair straightener preheated to a consistant temperature of 110ºC we started to add pressure with the iron plaques. After 15 minutes we could see a good amount of extract, which could be observed as small drops distributed across the grease-proof paper. Not using a very elevated temperature allows you to safeguard all of the terpenes present in the buds, which means that you will have an excellent quality Rosin.

We also tried the extraction with small portions of another variety, which demonstrated that not all varieties are ideal for making Rosin, given that under the same temperature, pressure and time parameters not all varieties gave us the same quantity of return, although they all had a high percent of resin in the buds.

There is still a lot to research to do in terms of this technique, but without a doubt, the Rosin tech marks a “before” and “after” in terms of extraction techniques.