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Each season we find ourselves with the same dilemma: we don’t know which genetic makeup of marijuana we should choose and much less whether we should buy regular or feminized seeds. In this article we are going to review what you should keep in mind when making this these sorts of decisions that we all face year after year. We will also consider the importance of the selection of marijuana seeds, in terms of how they reflect the taste of each grower.


Semillas de marihuana de Ripper Seeds



Marijuana seeds choices: big myths


  • Feminized seeds are no good when it comes to keeping a mother”: they say that keeping of mother from a feminized seed will create hermaphroditism issues, but this can’t can’t be confirmed given the fact that they are some very well known clones that have been selected and kept for years and which come from feminized seeds.


  • These days, no one keeps in mind the factors that used to be values and which influence in the sex definition of the plant or which will favor the appearance of hermaphroditism in cannabis plants that are sensitive to these changes. For example, the light spectrum with which you germinate marijuana seeds is very important when you have a greater number of females or males. A blue spectrum will give way to a greater number of females, and on the contrary an orange spectrum with give way to a greater number of males when using regular seeds. This also affects feminized seeds to a greater or lesser extent, but you should keep it in mind each time we germinate cannabis seeds and you don’t want to experience possible problems. 
  • You can also consider how a your fertilizer regimen throughout the growing phase will be crucial when it comes time to define the sex of your marijuana plants. A greater nitrogen load, (high application of growing fertilizer) will negatively influence the definition of sex in your plants.


  • Another factor that is not considered and which is very important is the quantity of plants that we can cultivate per square meter. The higher the number of plants per square meter, the greater the lack of light that will occur during their growth.

If you start with clones in your crop, the number of marijuana plants that you can grow will vary between 20 and 25 plants per m2, depending on their growth. In the even that you start your crop with seeds, the number of plants that you should have decreases to 14 to 16 plants per m2. This is due to the fact that at the end of the growing phase or after flowering, you will notice how the plants’ structure is greater, as well as their leaves and flowers. This way, you can fill the space without stressing the plants by adding too many per m2.

 This will all depend upon the size of the pot that you use, and the larger the plant, the bigger the pot should be.

An example that I recently experienced was to select some regular seeds. I chose a clone that I wanted to conserve, and because I was moving to a different space, I kept the mother under 2 UFOS of 80w (LED). In as little as the three weeks that this abuse lasted was enough to see how the mother, who was a female, had been affected by the light stress and began to show a sudden change of sex. In order to make sure that this is what had happened I used a clone of hers’ two times for flowering, in order to see how male flowers appeared and removing the plants in the crow before they opened.

Another time, we’ll look at all of the factors that affect and produce traits of hermaphroditism in marijuana plants, so that we can gain greater knowledge and not find ourselves with these and other easily avoidable problems.


Remember flavors for a perfect marijuana seed choice


Something very important when it comes to choosing quality cannabis seeds is to remember each variety that you have liked the most. You can try to remember aromas and tastes on a day to day basis and apply this when it comes time to analyze qualities of cannabis flowers.

In order to do this you should practice, and notice how, with time, you begin to appreciate and remember the nuances of each cannabis variety.

We are talking about terpenes and flavonoids to which we will dedicate an entire article to, since it is an extensive topic which has recently been linked to the medicinal effect that cannabinoid combinations in marijuana plants produce.

Until then, see you next week, and thank you to all of our readers!