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In this article, we will have the opportunity to talk about the quality of water that we use for our marijuana plants. We will also look at the importance of using a correct pH in each watering and an adequate quantity of dissolved salts (EC).


pH of irrigation water


To begin with, we are going to look at what pH is and how we can adjust it to our needs in each phase of growing our marijuana seeds.

The pH of irrigation water in our plants is the indicator of acidity or alkalinity of the water.

The values that we can find in our water vary according to the zone or the equipment of the living space in which we have our crop.

The pH is a very important factor that we should never forget to check on since many of the plant’s feeding processes can only be achieved within a certain range of pH (pH6). That is to say that if we don’t adjust the pH, within a few weeks you will see that your plants begin to show signs of deficiencies.

This can be solved by adjusting the pH in the subsequent waterings. In order to lower the pH of the water we can use the usual container of pH Down that can be found in our trusted Grow Shop or another acid, for example a few milliliters of lemon juice or vinegar. This last method can be used if the quantity of water that we prepare is not over 5 liters. The quantity of vinegar that we would use for a large tank would be excessive.

In order to raise the pH range of our irrigation water we can buy a container of pH Up in our trusted Grow Shop with which we can elevate the our pH range to the desired level.



Ec of our irrigation water


The EC (Electro conductivity) of our irrigation water is the quantity of dissolved salts that exist in our water. In the case of marijuana seed cultivation, the Ec is useful for precise measurement of the quantity of fertilizers that we have added at each moment.

Once a grower starts to use an Ec measurement, he/she can stop following the factory instructions for the fertilizer in favor of following the Ec parameters on the table for fertilizers. Some tables don’t mention milliliters of fertilizer but rather the right Ec per phase.

A clear example of what Ec is, can be seen in an experiment that many of us performed at school which consists of adding salt to a glass of water until the water no longer passes electricity through two cables that are inserted into the glass.



Water quality based on the zone in which we live


The quality of water can vary depending on the zone in which we live. Once, I spoke about a grower who told me that the pH in his living space didn’t always reach Ph 6 during the years that he lived in the zone.

In my case, the irrigation water that I have in my zone is within the range of pH 8 and with Ec 0.8. Because of that, I don’t have a correct water source. So, I buy a reverse osmosis filter that gives me necessary water for drinking and for watering my plants.

In order to not have to correct the Ec 0.0 of the osmosis water, I mix 1/5 parts tap water in until I reach the desired Ec 0.4 in order to start adding fertilizers. If I didn’t want to use tap water, in order to correct the water I could use calcium and magnesium that be found in a trusted Grow Shop.

Given all of this, we need to have a water source with the right measurements, or as close as we can get to it.

Remember! The parameters of pH and Ec in water always need to be checked on before each watering.

Regards to all of the reading and happy holidays to all.

Jhonny Pot.