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Although we all know what we’re looking at, perhaps you all have never stopped to analyze the parts of the marijuana plant and the importance of each of their functions in order to understand where effects are derived from.

Everything can reflect upon the quality of the marijuana, among other things. If you want to buy from an online seed band and begin to plant your marijuana plant, it’s a good idea to do a quick review in order to have some basic notions about the anatomy and morphology of cannabis. Here, we are going to analyze each part in order to learn how it works, in an effort to improve results.





Marijuana seeds are like tiny stores of elements and nutrients prepared to germinate and begin to push out a root.

There are many different types:

  • feminized seeds
  • autoflowering seeds
  • CBD seeds


If we adequately combine temperature, water and mineral conditions, the seeds will start to absorb the water and oxygen that surrounds them and they will swell until they open and begin to grow roots.

The root of a plant acts like the human heart. It pulls in oxygen and nutrients to pump and send throughout the vascular system. It is the anchor that holds the plant in the soil.

There is one principal root, and as it continues growing, other secondary roots grow in order to continue pulling in necessary elements.

The health of the roots is directly related to the health of the plant. It is important that the tiny white filaments don’t get too dry or brown looking because this indicates that the plant is dehydrated.

Raíces de una planta de marihuana





The principal stem is the skeleton, the spinal cord of the plant. All information circulates through it. The water and nutrients that come from the root and that are sent through the branches also pass through it. It also pulls in what is sent from the leaves through photosynthesis, thereby closing the circuit. In some ways it is like the plant’s main thoroughfare with two layers of different tissue through which there are dispatches in either direction. From here branches and posterior knots emerge.

It’s important that the stem grows healthy and strong because it has to support the weight of the whole plant with its leaves and buds as they grow.

Tallo de una planta de marihuana





The leaf is one of the great protagonists of the plant. More than just a symbol of the excellence of marijuana, it has a huge responsibility in photosynthesis, a vital process for the whole plant. The leaves are in charge of sending collected energy throughout the plant and transforming solar light into nutrients for the entire plant.

They tend to grow in pairs and they allow us to distinguish different types of marijuana according to their shape and color:

  • Indica – Characterized by having leaves that are wider and darker green.
  • Sativa – In contrast, the leaves are finer and are are lighter green.
  • Hybrid – A mixture of the previous two


Cannabis parts


In the case of cannabis, its precious leaf also has various parts that we want to analyze:

  • Vascular system: this distributes all of the nutrients that are sent up through the root.
  • Sheath: connects the stem to the petiole.
  • Petiole: The foot or base of the leave that connects it to the branch. Transports nutrients.
  • Rachis: In composite leaves, it’s the continuation of the petiole.
  • Leaflet: In composite leaves, leaflets are each seperate piece between which emerge from the rachis. They are each “mini-leaf” of the main leaf, to give you an idea. One leaf can from 5 – 13 leaflets, although the standard is from 7 to 9.
  • Top of the leaf: This is the top part of the plant, which faces the sun, absorbing light in order to transform it through photosynthesis.
  • Underside of the leaf: This is the inferior side of the leaf, which remains in shade and where you can find the stomas, which are in charge of managing and exchanging C02 and oxygen.


NOTE: Leaves are in shadow also have a function. Don’t remove them! Although they aren’t as productive as the leaves that are in the sunlight, they also contribute to pulling in and sending energy, and transforming it into nutrients.


Tres variedades de la hoja de marihuana: índica, sativa e híbrida.



Here we have arrived at the most desired part of the plant—the fruit that we want to harvest whether in the form of therapeutic cannabis or medicinal marijuana, or simply to smoke…The cannabis flower is pollinated by way of wind, and we can find plants of both sexes. The flower allows us to differentiate between males and females.



This is the most interesting for us since it is that which generates more cannabinoids, among them THC (the psychoactive substance tetrahidrocannabinol).

Female flowers possess chalices and stigmas, the pistils that identify it as a female flower. The pistils are in charge of capturing pollen and they change color from white to orange and red during flowering as the bud matures.


Imagen de planta de cannabis hembra




Male plants produce stamen with antennas full of pollen which are carried by wind to the female for procreation. They do not produce buds when they flower.



Imagen de planta de cannabis macho





Flowers that aren’t pollinated reach their maximum fullness because they continue creating new chalices, layer on top of layer, and the bud continues growing. As the female plant seeks to reproduce itself, it creates more trichomes which result in the resin that covers this part, so that when pollen falls upon it, the plant is impregnated and is then able to germinate. This resin has the most concentrated amount of THC and other cannabinoids.


Once we understand how the cannabis plant works, we can see that in order to achieve the greatest result, we should avoid pollination by eliminating male flowers, so that the female flowers don’t receive pollen and so that they continue growing chalices as well as producing trichomes—the key substance and protagonist that produces the effects that we are looking for.

Now if we want to start a marijuana crop and buy cannabis seeds, we can keep some of these basic ideas in mind to better orient ourselves and achieve better results.


Planta de marihuana


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