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Last week we dedicated an article to giving advice and options for the elimination of marijuana plant and smoke smells. Today we would like to offer a post about ozone generators whose functions go way beyond simply eliminating odor, since they are made to fight bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, fungus, and mites. For that reason, we are dedicating this article to one product that has a diverse range of uses.


Surely you have heard of this type of product, which is used in the house and has a lot of health benefits, above all for those who live in highly polluted cities, full of unhealthy air particles, as well as for those who live with pets and want to neutralize smells at the same time that they oxidize bacteria and indoor air contaminates.


Ozone generators purify and clean the atmosphere and the environment through their oxidizing function, and lots of cultivators use them because they provide an efficient way to eliminate strong plant smells such as cannabis and because they are one of the most natural, healthy and clean manners of doing so, as they respect and do not harm the plant.


Basic functions that Ozone Generators provide:


There are 3 basic function that an Ozone generator provide:

  • Microbicide and antibacterial functions
  • Deodorizing and antiodor functions
  • Oxidizing functions

Microbicide and ANTIBACTERIAL function


This is one of the most valuable functions of an ozone generator. It is very effect in the elimination of all kinds of bacteria, fungus, spores, mites which are ultimately very bad for the marijuana plant. Additionally, it protects the plant very well against adversaries that can be difficult to treat and eliminate if our cannabis plant becomes infected. In this case, we could say that it is much better to be able to prevent than to try to cure.


Bacterias que pueden afectar a plantas de marihuana


Deodorizing and Antiodor function


One of the most useful properties of this product is its high effectiveness in elimination of odors, attacking the cause of the smell directly. This way, it doesn’t camouflage the odor with another order, but rather completely eliminates the polluting particles that they produce.

It works for microcrops of marijuana, in indoor grow areas, in closet and also for smoke smells inside of the house, in a room, or after a party, etc. It is also used on farms or for pet smells.



Oxygenating function


In closed spaces, the environment tends to become contaminated more quickly, and to a higher degree. The ozone generator efficiently aids cells in their abilities to absorb, transport and use oxygen.


How does an Ozone Generator work?


The compressor removes air from the environment selecting oxygen molecules and inserting them inside of the ozone generator lamp. Oxygen (02) is the formation of two atoms. The generator, through electric charges, separates the link between molecules so that some are are freed and are able to search another pair in order to have 3 oxygen atoms which forms ozone (03).

Ozone disinfects in the following way: it adheres to bacteria and oxidizes them from the cellular wall to the nucleus. This way, it destroys them without leaving any toxic residue.

It works in cycles so that there isn’t an overload of ozone in the atmosphere. It’s light, easy to install and silent.

It can be found in different sizes to disinfect and eliminate smells in large and small spaces. There are very small ozone generators for spaces like bathrooms and to connect in your car, as well as industrial sized generators, designed for large spaces.


Types of generators for our marijuana crop:


There are three major types of Ozone Generators.

Wall ozone generators:


These are generally installed outside of the marijuana grow area, since ozone cannot directly touch our plants. A large quantity can be harmful for the plants and even for us. There are different models that can also be put inside of the house, which are called domestic ozone generators and can be installed in the area where we have issues with smells and to avoid bothering neighbors and housemates.


Ozonizador doméstico para plantas de marihuana


Air duct ozone generators:


Designed to be installed in tubes that extract air towards the outside of a space, these generate a great deal of ozone. If our extraction tube doesn’t have a large diameter and is for a small space, we can also opt for an ozone injection system.


Ozonizador de inyección para plantas de marihuana



Water ozone generators


Created to be installed in water tanks for irrigation, these generate ozone and transport it through water in the form of bubbles with an injection system. This allows us to eliminate bacteria and viruses, all without any chemical products, simply with ozone molecules that purify our water. Ideal for hydroponic and aeroponic marijuana crops.


Generador de ozono para plantas de marihuana



In reality, within these three major types of ozone generators, you can choose from a huge spectrum with specific characteristics and we advise you to consult with your trusted grow shop in order to select the best kind and size for your case.