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The Kush variety of cannabis is native to the Hindu Kush mountain range in Pakistan, India and Afganistan. It is one of the excellent Indica marijuana varieties, from which many popular hybrids are born and in looking for new genetic crosses. In its native land, it has been used for hundreds of years for its medicinal and narcotic effects.

It was a huge a huge discovery compared to the varieties that were already found in the western world at this time, where cannabis and genetic varieties from tropical countries like Colombia and Mexico were already being commercialized, and were primarily Sativas. The new here adapted to growing in very cold climates, and its flowering process was different.




In the 60s, the west was totally immersed in constant economic, social and moral change. Europe was still recovering from the damage left by WWII and was looking for new standards, values and freedoms. In the United States, especially in California, they had just gotten out of the Korean War when to find themselves involved in another foreign war with which they did not feel identified.

On the other hand, new ideas and the economy grew along with new forms of artistic expression in art, literature and music. This all gave way to the emergence of the famous hippie era, in which marijuana became one of the principle companions and symbols of the time.

"The Magic Bus": portada disco de The Who


At the same time, music and other arts began to reflect and interest in the cultures of exotic countries like India, where the consumption of herbs and marijuana was a natural part of life, and medicinala marijuana with many effects was praised. Given all of this, in Amsterdam “The Magic Bus” emerged, in which young people and artists traveled across Europe and Asia headed towards India, crossing the famous Hindu Kush mountain range, which converted it into legend. The emblematic band, The Who, even dedicated a song to the bus and to marijuana’s most symbolic era.


On the other hand, the Kush marijuana variety in its pure state, without any crossing, was perfect for the extraction of resin, and its derivative Hashish. Native growers worked with this type of cannabis plant in order to obtain different varieties, as they had been doing for hundreds of years, for medicinal, lucrative and commercial outcomes.


The aftermath of all of this was that the Americans began to import samples and marijuana seeds from the original Kush variety crops resulting in the some of the most interesting creations and genetic crosses that we can find today. Because of Kush hybrids, there was a before and after in terms of indoor growing. This genetic variety, with another type of climate resistance and growth, allowed the shortening of the flowering phase and produced an abundance of flowers, in contrast with previous genetic lineages.

Línea Génetica Kush de Ripper Seeds





Some of the most emblematic hybrids from the Kush genetic lineage are OG Kush, Amnesia Kush, and Bubba Kush. This variety of cannabis contains a high level of THC and its effects are extremely potent. Its flavor and aroma are sweet but have a wild character with notes of forest fruits and berries, characteristic of arid land crops. Apart from its medicinal endowments and effects, it has a sought after aroma for many growers. It is useful for crossing with strains that have a hard time surviving cold weather.


In order to be able to explain its characteristics more concretely, we would like to start with one of the Kush varieties that we have at Ripper Seeds: Zombie Kush and Washing Machine.


ZOMBIE KUSH marijuana seeds


Semillas de marihuana Zombie Kush de Ripper Seeds

Zombie Kush from Ripper Seeds


In one of our first genetic searches, we selected an old Lavender Kush clone that was polinated by our brilliant Amnesia Kush, carrier of a high concentration of terpenes. From there we selected a clone which we baptized “Sideral” and which we later decided to polinate again with our Bubba Kush. It has an exquisite earthy flavor with a citric aroma and a spectacular effect.


If we want to develop the full Indica potential of the Zombie Kush marijuana seeds, the vegetative period should be generous. With a low EC in the growing phase and the flowering phase we can obtain impressive results.


For Kush lovers, these marijuana seeds are an essential piece of the puzzle. They offer a whole delicatessen of lilac notes, pine, earth, and citric aromas and a huge quantity of trichomes that cover the generously sized flowers. Its relaxing effect is potent and you will notice that the high is long-lasting.


Semillas de marihuana Zombie Kush, de Ripper Seeds


WASHING MACHINE marijuana seeds


Semillas de marihuana Washing Machine de Ripper Seeds

Washing Machine de Ripper Seeds


Our creation, Washing Machine, comes from the cross between the original UK Cheese clone, selected over more than a decade ago by the “Exodous” collective, with a Bubba Kush clone that provides a large quantity of trichomes and a very particular smell of wet earth with sweet licorice notes.


Even for experienced users, its effect can be categorized as very potent due to its combination of cannabinoids. Its vegetative period shouldn’t be too long since its potent vigor makes it such that, after flowering, the plant doubles in size. In outdoor situations, and with a good substrate we will have a wide, leafy plant. Its flowering is quick, and between 60 and 65 days the flowers will reach their optimal point.


This variety is especially attractive for your collection with its impressive blueish and purple flowers and infinite white trichomes.


Imagen corporativa de las semillas de marihuana Washing Machine de Ripper Seeds