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Marijuana lovers are already accustomed to its fragrance, although oftentimes we want to hide the smell. Perhaps you don’t want your house or your room to smell since you live with your family, parents and siblings, etc. Another common need is to avoid problems with neighbors, either when it comes to smoke, or in terms of the smell of your grow area. There are a million reasons to want to control marijuana plant smells, above all in indoor spaces. Luckily, all of this has already been thought about and there are many affordable and easy options within your reach.

Therefore, in today’s article, we’d like to give you some ideas:


Cannabis vaporizers


Vaporizers are one of the most popular products for consuming and smoking cannabis, in addition to being very useful for the consumption of medicinal cannabis. There are several types and sizes, from the portable and rechargable to the tabletop variety. We could make a whole chapter about vaporizers but we are going to briefly go into how they work in order to demonstrate how they help us avoid the smell.

What they do is elevate the temperature in order to evaporate cannabinoids without lighting them up or burning them, thereby avoiding combustion and the production of toxic substances that can have harmful health effects. This makes it such that they are successful for the use of medicinal and therapeutic marijuana. They don’t produce the smoke that causes of the strongest smells when herb is consumed. Additionally, since they don’t overheat the material, the THC and cannabinoids vaporize so they are better assimilated, and the same effects are achieved with a smaller quantity of cannabis. These are all advantages.


Vaporizadores de marihuana


Activated carbon filter


Those who have marijuana crops, no matter what size, whether in a closet or a larger room and in whichever phrase of growth of the plant (including the flowering phase, when the marijuana plants give off a more potent smell), have definitely heard or are already using this system.

It involves a filter installed in the ventilation system that contains a carbon substance that neutralizes the smell of the cannabis plant. In contrast with many other products that you will see here, this doesn’t produce any additional smell, but rather completely eradicates the smell when air passes through the compartment. In order to see best results, it’s important that we have an adequate tubular air extractor installed in our grow area. Carbon filters are made in different sizes so that they can be adjusted according to the size of your crop.


Carbón activo para filtros de carbono


ONA Odor Neutralizers


One of the most popular and 100% effective odor neutralizers are the Ona brand products, that come in different forms. Ona is made with natural essential oils and was designed to be safe and non-toxic, and to be compatible with plants, people and pets. In fact, it is used a great deal in order to eliminate pet odors.

This type of product doesn’t cover up smells, but rather traps odor particles and totally eliminates them. They are available in gel, wax blocks, liquid and spray. It is easy to use and is sold in several sizes and accessories according to whether we consume or simply plant marijuana seeds.

In the context of growing, so that it is more effective, a large container of liquid is generally used with a ventilation system. The objective is for the product to circulate throughout the entire space, or you can also hang a block with its filter accessory in the ventilation system. This way, the smell of the interior of the grow room is neutralized when passing through the filter, and we are able to achieve fresh air on the exterior side. In the case of smoking in an indoor space, it is sufficient to open a jar of the gel or gelatin form. Many people who have very small grow operations also use the gel format and that tends to be enough. In domestic use, or even in a car, you also find the spray form or the typical dispenser that you see with any air freshener that you can adjust to your liking.


Neutralizadores de olor Ona


Homemade and natural solutions


Surely, can find an endless number of homemade remedies to combat marijuana smells. Without going in every one of grandma’s homemade recipes, we will name 3 options that tend to be effective and cheap. Additionally, you can find them at home and use them in small places, for rooms or closets: half a cup of vinegar, half a lemon with 6 cloves, or vanilla essence (combine vanilla with oil over heat in the oven). All of these have very intense smells, which help to combat the marijuana smell. Effects will last around 3 days.


Flor de vainilla


Incense, aromatic candles and common air fresheners


There are diverse opinions when it comes to the use of these options. It also depends a great deal on the type of smell or moment at which you are looking to diminish it. There are those that use incense, with a natural aroma that is not too strong, and they light it for 5 minutes before they begin to smoke so that it is effective from the beginning.

There are also those who use aromatic candles since they offer such a wide variety of scents and there are more options from which to choose, as well as because they hide smells and even, in some cases, are made to help to eliminate and neutralize odors.

There are also many different types of air fresheners, from those that are made of gel to those that are plugged in and emit an aroma throughout the day, to those that are programmed, etc.

These options may be able to solve momentary issues, or help to cover up the smell, but they don’t always eliminate the marijuana odor, so it depends on your needs. In the case of air fresheners, if they aren’t odor neutralizers, the odors simply mix with each other, and if you have a marijuana crop, they can even be bad for the plants depending on the chemical composition that they contain.

In any case, if you have plants and want to buy one of these products, we recommend that you use one of the other options such as a carbon filter or natural neutralizer.


Incienso para disimular el olor de plantas de marihuana




This is one of the commonly used methods that doesn’t only hide or try to mask the smell, but rather eliminates it. It is sprayed in the air and on household objects that tend to accumulate smells. For example, smell accumulates quickly in curtains, rugs, and fabric in general, as well as some furniture.

We recommend that you verify that the product truly eliminates and neutralized odors. That being said, it’s not only important to be careful and read all of the characteristics and instructions for use of the product, but we also recommend that you spray it onto a small area before spraying it on everything, since sometimes these products contain strong substances and chemicals that can discolor fabrics.

As you can see, these smells have solutions according to preference and budget. If you have a cannabis crop, we recommend that you consult your trusted grow shop to see more details and decide on what might be most efficient for you.


Planta de marihuana

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