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The Haze variety of marijuana was born in the early 70s in Santa Cruz, California, and got its name from the Haze brothers, who grew it and crossed it with different marijuana varieties from Colombia (Colombian Gold), Mexico (Acapulco Gold), India and Thailand.

In another article we talked about the origin of Skunk and of Sam the Skunkman, one of the most emblematic characters in the history of modern marijuana. In this chapter these histories will intersect and have similar endings since Sam the Skunkman was a neighbor of the Haze brothers and provided them with various types of seeds with which to cross their plant and create other marijuana hybrids.

Haze and J. Haze wanted to get a hybrid that was 100% Sativa and they tried various crosses until they found what they were searching for. In order to do this, they started crossing a pure strain called Landrace Sativa from Mexico with another variety of Landrace that came from Colombia. At the end of a year they had selected the best females from the mix and crossed them with a male from another variety of Landrace from southern India. Finally, they crossed the resulting hybrid with a male Landrace from Thailand. This whole chain of crosses created what we now know as Haze.

The first crosses hadn’t been very successful for cannabis seed growers since the varieties required a great deal of care and attention, and above all, because their flowering process was so long—sometimes taking as long as 16 weeks.

At the beginning the variety was unstable and suffered inconsistencies, among them the well known “Purple Haze”, in which the Colombian profile dominated since it was a strong and beautiful plant, although on the other hand, one of the most expensive. It seemed as though the whole thing wouldn’t go very far. However, Neville Shoenmakers conserved the species and started to cross it.




Neville Shoenmakers is one of the most important characters in the history of marijuana. In fact, the Original Haze variety is sometimes known as Neville’s Haze.

Born in 1957 in Australia to Dutch parents, he started to work in a laboratory with illegal substances and had to escape to Thailand for some time before landing in Holland in the 70s. There he could dedicate himself to his two passions: genetics and marijuana.

In terms of the varieties that existed at that time from tropical countries like Thailand, Colombia as well as the continent of Africa, he found that results were not what he had expected, since they didn’t grow in the same way in the Dutch climate. Even indoor, and with artificial light, they didn’t seem any better. He arrived at the conclusion that the best solution would be to improve the plants’ genetics, and so he traveled to remote places looking for other varieties until he was able to create a stable hybrid.

In 1948 he founded “The Seed Bank of Holland”, the first marijuana seed bank in the world where growers could find quality, stable seeds with basic guarantees. In order to create strains adequate for temperate climates and in order to grow indoor and be able to satisfy his European and American clients, he crossed equatorial sativas with Afghani indicas.

Within a short period of time, his seed bank became a huge success, exporting marijuana seeds to countries all over the world. It is calculated that, in the US alone, he had 15,000 buyers. It was also the first cannabis business that publicized and announced itself in the media, as well appearing in articles that reported its achievements, which in turn increased its success even more.

The magazine High Times baptized him as the “King of Cannabis” and as though he wanted to honor that name, he moved to a mansion which he nicknamed “the Cannabis Castle” where he had rooms dedicated solely to cannabis growing.

He is considered the father of the original Haze by sativa lovers from all around the world, and he is credited with the creation of well known and award winning varieties like: Neville’s Haze, Northern Lights Haze, Super Silver Haze, Neville’s Skunk, Super Skunk, Silver Pearl, Silver Haze, among others.




With the cannabis seeds that Sam the Skunkman provided to Neville for his crosses, with the prior agreement not to commercialize them—something that later caused a falling out between them—, he obtained different crosses that he named plant A, B, C, D and E.

From the male Haze A and Haze C he was able to obtain one of the most important and well known hybrids today: Northern Lights #5. The original strain was mostly indica, and had developed in the Seattle area, and was a cross between Hawaii with Afghanistan. As with many cases throughout the history of marijuana, it was camouflaged in order to be sent by ordinary mail to Holland, in the form of a cutting and with the leaves trimmed in order to pass undetected.

Northern Lights was a huge inspiration for indoor indica growing and its hybrid F1 Northern Lights 5 X Haze is still one of the most acclaimed of the modern indica marijuana lineages. From the 80s up to now it has continually received awards in the Cannabis Cup among others competitions.

It’s worth mentioning that this marijuana variety gave way to many other varieties of modern medicinals that are very popular today and Neville has always been seen as associated with the curative and therapeutic properties of this marijuana lineage.

In fact, after 25 years of silence and life in the shadows, it seems that Neville has returned to dedicate himself to something that has always interested him: medicinal marijuana.


Discover our HAZE varieties at Ripper Seeds




Ripper Haze: variedad de marihuana Haze de Ripper Seeds


This is a diamond that we found in 2002 on one of our trips to Holland. The variety has more than 10 years being number one in all of the coffee shop menus for its aroma, unmistakable flavor of citric Haze and its “ripped” effect even for the most experienced users. Known by different names, the most popular is Amnesia Haze.

RIPPER HAZE is the marijuana seed that resulted from our search for the perfect Haze: with potent and lasting effects, a quick flowering period and intense aroma and flavor. Its large quantity of trichomes and its unequaled aroma make it your most precious gem. Up until now, it’s one of our highest in THC.



Sideral: Semillas de marihuana variedad de Haze de Ripper Seeds


Sideral is one of our first projects which we previously used in order to develop Zombie Kush. An old Lavender Kush clone was pollinated by our brilliant Amnesia. The objective was the obtain a hybrid with a wide and intense spectrum of aromas and flavors.

Sideral has a lightly sativa structure with compact flowers and large chalices.

Its flowering period is around 65-70 days. During this time it doubles from its initial size. Its yield is medium-high.

The effect of Sideral is potent but manageable. It is an ideal variety for a habitual marijuana consumer who wants to enjoy a good, smooth flavor.