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In this article we will look at everything that we should keep in mind when germinating marijuana seeds, whether they are new or a few years old. We’ll also look at how we can germinate them simply and with the guaranteed success.

We are also going to talk about the importance of conservation of cannabis seeds and the best methods to preserve their germinating power.

We’re using seeds that are a several years old as an example this time, in order to see how many have germinated successfully and how long it has taken to do so.


Conservation methods for marijuana seeds


The most used method, as far as marijuana seed conservation goes, is that of the low-grade freezer. Wine freezers and other similar freezers seem to give the best result, since they aren’t the strongest freezers on the refrigeration market and because we can conveniently regulate their temperature.

In order to conserve seeds in a freezer we recommend the use of a watertight container such as a Tupperware and small bags with tags in order to differentiate packs of seeds that you have already started from the original packs. Keeping order this way is more important if you have a large number of seed packs. For more information on the conservation of cannabis seeds, you can look at our post called Conservation of cannabis seeds.


Different methods of germinating marijuana seeds


In order to begin germinating, marijuana seeds require that humidity and temperature be within adequate ranges. The ideal temperature for marijuana seeds to germinate is between 18 to 23 degrees centigrade. Humidity should never fall below 70%, since at those levels you run the risk of slowing down, or even stopping the process.

During the first days of the germination process it is not necessary to use light. If you consider the two factors of temperature and humidity you’ll be successful in your process of germinating the seeds.

In my personal opinion, method that is easiest and most used by growers is to create a greenhouse effect using two plates with dampened paper towels inside, in order to maintain humidity within the perfect range. I recommend this method in order to germinate fresh seeds, like the ones that can be purchased within one year in your trusted grow shop. Another method used by some growers is that of using Jiffies in order make everything easier once the seeds have germinated. However, with this method we run the risk of not being able to see the whole process, and therefore, it not being successful.

The most common errors that are committed using this method are to bury the seed too deeply without realizing it during a watering, or to oversoak the Jiffies, which can cause the seed to rot.

Another important factor in germination of marijuana seeds, in this case for very old seeds (more the 5 years old), would be the use of a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the water that we are using to germinate the seeds. By doing this, we avoid the formation of pathogenic fungus that can appear if the seeds take a long time to open.


Germination test carried out for this article


Prueba germinación de semillas de marihuana


For this article we set out to germinate 22 seeds this last Wednesday, that were picked from the a 2012 harvest. These seeds were kept inside of an airtight jar and were inside of a no frost refrigerator for 3 years. Of these 22 seeds only two have not opened in the past 3 days.

As you can see in the photographs, some of them have gotten to close to one another, and the roots appear to be stuck together. This problem can be solved by separating them very carefully, since doing so without careful precision could cause them to break and result in the loss of two seeds.

Once you have the germinated cannabis seeds you can move them either directly to a small pot, or to a Jiffy, always being careful not to uncover the first roots of the plant when you water them the first couple of days.

Thanks to all of our readers again and have a great week!