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In this article we will see how the Rosin technique which we were previously talking about has evolved. In only a few months, the market has been revolutionized in terms of machinery with which to make it as well as research related to this technique.


Specific machinery that we can currently find


Nowadays, we can find specific machinery for the creation of our own Rosin, although due to its high price, it is not within everyone’s reach. However, it’s worth noting that it’s price has dropped in relation to the first machines that came out on the market.

We can also see the so-called “tea bags” that have entered the market. These can be found in different sizes of micrage, from 25 microns up to 150 microns.

The variation in sizes depends upon what we will use the bags for. The smaller micrage (25u-45u) can be used for hash, and the greater micrage bags (73u-120u) can be used with buds.

With the use of mesh in working with buds we can see that the final sample is free of impurities, making it a cleaner vegetable result that sticks to the paper than when producing the extraction without using mesh.



Maximum pressure in order to get a good return


In many conversations with our users about this technique we have heard comments that the return or percentage obtained isn’t very high when using flowers (buds) and we almost always arrive at the conclusion that it is a lack of pressure that accounts for a low return.

We should always employ the help of some instrument or piece of machinery in order to apply maximum possible pressure, since only using our own body pressure with the hair straightener isn’t sufficient to extract the maximum amount of resin all at once. Using specified machinery solves this issue, but if we don’t have the machinery, my recommendation is to use clamping pliers or a vise. In the case of using a vise, at Ripper Seeds we recommend that you always work with lower temperatures (80º-100º), since the time that you will need to apply great pressure is longer. If you use a higher temperature, you could destroy a large portion of the terpenes that are in charge of giving off the characteristic aroma of our extraction.


New textures


We can see how quickly textures have advanced, since we can now find everything from the most brittle shatter to the clearest budder and a completely dry texture.

All of this is due to the research that some people from the United States are carrying out which makes it into our hands little by little. allowing us to advance this technique by giant leaps.

In my opinion, in order to achieve changes in texture all we need to keep in mind is the state of the trichomes that we are going to use in making our extraction. The dryer the material, the more oxidized the trichomes are, and the greater the possibility of obtaining a stable shatter texture. With just a little tap, you can see how it breaks, as though it were crystal.

We also need to remember less dry materials can be used. After 10 days of drying you can see how the extraction is almost impossible to pick up with a dabber and you should resort to cooling the rosin in order to collect it later. This factor seems to be related to the essential oils that the plant contains at this moment.

I think it’s very interesting that we can stop the heating of the resin once we remove the grease-proof paper from the straightener, with the objective of avoiding the reheating of the resin once it has been extracted. We can stop the overheating by putting the extraction in a no-frost freezer for a few seconds.

Remember that this won’t be the last time that we talk about this method of extracting, given that the it keeps advancing and all we really need to do is to let time pass in order to see how far it can take us.

We want to thank all of our readers for another week and send greetings to everyone.

Jhonny Pot.