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A cannabis seed is a living being waiting to be activated. It contains all of the genetic information that its parents have imprinted upon it, and everything necessary to germinate while it waits for adequate conditions.

As we know well, water and a temperature higher than 18º will activate the germination process. For this reason, if we want to conserve cannabis seeds over the course of several years, we need to avoid activating them and as well as allowing them to deteriorate.


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Factors that interfere with the conservation of cannabis seeds


In order to conserve cannabis seeds, we have to keep three main factors in mind:

  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Light


If you follow the guidelines of conservation that we are about to give you, you will be able to start cultivating your own marijuana plant whenever you want.


Humidity: As we have already mentioned, water activates germination of the marijuana seed, and given that information, it’s not only important to avoid water but also high humidity. The perfect humidity to conserve marijuana seeds is between 10% and 20%. For that matter, our containers contain silica balls that help us to reduce humidity in the container and help with conservation. Even so, keep the container in a dry area.


Temperature: Cannabis seeds in their natural environment accumulate inside of the dead plant, conserved by the vegetable material of the plant, the resin, and cold. The seeds go through a period of 3 or 4 dormant months, waiting for the first spring rains and the rise in temperature. The objective is to maintain the marijuana seeds in these conditions of hibernation temperature, between 5º and 8º degrees centigrade.

Light: The nature of the plant has taught us that for conservation, light must be avoided. Cannabis plants hide seeds inside of a pod covered with resin. The combination of the pod and the resin assure that the cannabis seed avoids contact with light and water. Light deteriorates all kinds of seeds, and so it is imperative to find a dark place.


If we keep these aspects in mind and heed them perfectly, a marijuana seed can be conserved in perfect condition at least 5 years. Seeds have even been known to germinate 10 years after, but one must use methods to help them, and the germination index is very low.