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When we talk about different ways of cultivating marijuana seeds and different methods, my opinion is clear: biological, always. My greatest preference is to be able to taste the particular flavor of each variety of cannabis and this can only really be achieved through growing in soil and using “Bio” fertilizers. That way the plants in our crop can definitely give us the best flavor and aroma index.

Imitating nature, biological growing


Biological agricultural has the fundamental principal of sustainability in terms of all environmental elements. Symbiosis of all of these elements, whether they are animal, plant or environment makes it such that each is connected without altering the rhythm of one or another and helps each to follow a natural growing rhythm.

In cannabis grow operations we can’t always imitate nature 100%, especially if we grow indoors. However, this doesn’t mean that we have to resort to fertilizers and chemical insecticides, since we have access to a large number of brands in the current market that offer us a plethora of “bio” products, though not all of the brands that use the word “bio” in their products are offering a 100% biological product.

One very important things that I would like to make clear is that in biological grow operations you don’t feed the plants, but rather you have to feed the micro-organisms in the soil that are in charge of feeding the plants in a way that is more digestible for them.

The use of Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma in all phases of growth is one of the basic pillars of having a biological grow operation. These are in charge of regulating the micro-life of the soil and therefore the increased resistance of the plant against adverse agents.

Keep in mind that just observing our plants daily and paying maximum attention to both its physical and genetic features, we can determine its needs at any given moment.

Nitrogen-fixers in nature


We can find bacteria that is in charge of fixing nitrogen into the soil. We can classify them in two large groups:

  • Those that are symbiotic, specifically legumes like Rhizobium.
  • And the free ones, that live in the soil and don’t need the plant for reproduction.

In outdoor grow operations we can act before the planting of our cannabis plans and put green beans in the same site. That we we will reduce our expenses in nitrogen rich soil fertilizers, since the soil bacteria provided by green beans will be in charge of fixing environmental nitrogen to our growing soil.

In my opinion, there is no better way to naturally add nitrogen for our plants, and even better if we are able to get a good bag of green beans. In the next publications we will the see how to prepare our fertilizers and how we use them.