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The seeds of cannabis BCN Haze are our spectacular crossroads between the search for the haze sativa effect, with a faster flowering process, and an increase in production. These are two very similar plants when it comes to these search objectives, crossed and selected among the haze and skunk varieties.

Haze is a multiple cross between the most potent sativas on the planet. The origins of this plant, which will come to be considered one of the best working bases for many future- generation lovers of this plant, are in Mexico, Colombia, India and Thailand.

Skunk is possibly the most commercial plant in the history of cannabis. The cross between Afghanistan with Mexico and Colombia elevated the average output of all marijuana seeds that were crossed, and substantially shortened the flowering period.

Who would have thought that we would still be working with a heritage that was left to us by the Haze brothers, who crossed Sativa seeds with marijuana plants, and Mr. Skunkman, a half a century later?

Quien les iba a decir a los hermanos Haze, que cruzaban semillas de Sativa con plantas de Marihuana, y Mr. Skunkman que medio siglo más tarde todavía seguiríamos trabajando con la herencia que ellos dejaron.


The origin of BCN Haze cannabis seeds



In 2003 we selected Super Haze, a strain of the winner of the “High Times Cannabis Cup” of 1992, as we were searching for this resinous skunk structured phenotype, and citric haze effect and taste that we had found in Holland Coffee shops years prior. At this time the famous Amnesia Haze started to circulate in small circles and had everything that, at the time, we were looking for in a plant. We have always had a predilection for good sativas—their energetic effect and high potency being some of the qualities that we want.

The main problem with plants that have these effects for all cultivators is their long flowering phase. The holy grail has always been to find these effects in a plant with a shorter flowering period. That is why we started to make crosses between Haze and Skunk, looking to shorten the flowering phase to something more acceptable.

Another sample in this quest is the aforementioned Amnesia Haze, which has the same genetic heritage but following an alternative path selected by another cultivator.

Amnesia Haze is a hybrid between Super Silver Haze and Skunk, winners of numerous contests. It preserves the energetic effect of the great sativas with a little over two months of flowering. This was another strain chosen for our cross.

BCN Haze is our small contribution this search, and can be found in our seed bank. The results of the cross between Amnesia Haze and Super Haze have created a plant with a clearly marked sativa effect. It’s stable in terms of structure and taste, and never fails in its incredible quality of extra sizable trichomes, which remain in 90 Mc mesh when you experiment with flower ice.

Its production is medium/high and it is ready to harvest between 65-75 days. Outdoors and at our latitude, its maturation would happen mid-October.

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