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cannabis seeds

In the cannabis seed bank of Ripper Seeds you will find a wide variety of feminized and regular seeds. In addition, you can enjoy limited editions that enter and leave our catalog and collection editions so that you can purchase and test several varieties at the same time.

We offer you different types of cannabis seeds so you can find the most appropriate ones for your level of knowledge and skills, whether you are a beginner or a professional grower. We offer you all the information you need to successfully germinate your seeds. [Read more…]

Ripper Seeds Cannabis Seeds

In Ripper Seeds cannabis seed bank you will find an extensive catalog of genetics, the result of years of conservation and selection of elite plants.

Discover with just one click a wide catalog of fresh cannabis seeds, perfect for all kind of cannabis lovers, based on award-winning genetics and carefully selected cuttings.

Ripper Seeds strive and research daily to get the best crosses between different varieties and the best selections of cannabis seeds. And, because of this, we earned countless prizes and cannabis cups.

Our main objective is to meet the demands and quality expectations of all our clients, from the cannabicultors that have just begun to the most experienced and demanding.

How to choose your cannabis seeds

Ripper Seeds contains an extensive catalog of marijuana seeds, all of them made out of the best genetic composition, different varieties, as well as feminized marijuana seeds or regular marijuana seeds.

We also have limited editions of hybrids that are outside our usual catalog or collections of cannabis seeds of our varieties, so you can try several of our seeds of the same or different genetic line. You choose what you prefer!

When choosing what cannabis seeds to buy, the genetic makeup is decisive for the success of the crop.

But there are other very important factors that you should take into account related to cultivation, production and tasting:

  • Cultivation conditions: if you are going to perform an indoor or outdoor crop.
  • Cultivation requirements: you must consider the degree of difficulty, depending on whether you have just started growing marijuana or you are an experienced cannabicultor.
  • Space available for cultivation: depending on the space you have, you must take into account the size of the plant that will result from the marijuana seeds you choose.
  • Climate: the weather is a very important factor when choosing marijuana seeds and obtaining a good yield.
  • Tasting: you must consider the type of tasting you are looking for, since cannabis seeds can have a very different flavor, effect and aroma.

If you have any questions about our seeds, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you solve them. We are cultivators working at the service of other cultivators!

Presentation of our cannabis seeds

In Ripper Seeds we are concerned with offering all the available information of any of our varieties available in our cannabis seed bank. 

Therefore, on our website you will find product sheets with a broad description of their characteristics and details basic information about conditions of the crop. Something that will undoubtedly help you a lot. You can also check all the information available in the cannabis cultivation section of the Ripper Seeds blog

We carry out controls of our seeds in order to guarantee a correct germination and development, and we pack them in microtubes of resistant plastic.

Our seeds can be purchased in packages of 3 to 5 units, except the collection packages, which contain 6 seeds of three different varieties.

Our customers also value the quality of our product and the elegance and discretion of our shipments.

If you have doubts, you can consult us. Our Customer Service will offer customized solutions tailored to your needs with the greatest professional care.

Types of cannabis seeds

There are different types of cannabis seeds, depending on the method used to pollinate the buds.

Although the cannabis plant produces both male and female specimens, we are going to select the female to smoke her buds.

There are two main families of cannabis seeds: feminized and regular.

Feminized cannabis seeds

Also called seasonal seeds, feminized cannabis seeds are cultivated  female plants so each plant blooms as a female without male chromosomes.

They are perfect for indoor crops although they can be grown outdoors according to the time, when there is lighter, as long as the weather allows.

It is a very suitable option for beginner cannabicultors or those looking for a quick and easy flowering process.

In our catalog you can find a wide variety of feminized seeds: from 100% indica like Black Valley, medicinal and productive, with an important sedative body effect; Double G, powerful and resinous, one of our flagship varieties; up to 80% sativas of intense aroma like Ripper Haze, with a fast flowering.

We also have wonderful hybrids such as Toxic, with a high amount of resin and intense flavor; the powerful Zombie Kush or Old School

Regular cannabis seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are the most demanded by expert cannabis growers willing to form their own seeds, crossing male and female plants of the selected variety, to obtain exclusive seeds.

Regular cannabis seeds are the most suitable for obtaining mother plants and taking cuttings that we will plant and grow, then cutting their buds full of resin.


Place your order of cannabis seeds on our website quickly and easily. If you have any questions, we will gladly assist you by phone or by e-mail. Check our contact section to answer your questions.

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