GMA Mints
  • GMA Mints

GMA Mints

Plant Type

Indica dominant

Indoor flowering days

65 a 70 days

Flowering outdoor

Mid October




Very Strong



We present the highly anticipated limited edition from Ripper Seeds: GMA Mints. This exceptional variety is the result of an innovative cross between GMO, Animal Cookies, and Kush Mints, providing an unparalleled taste and effect experience. GMA Mints will captivate your senses with its unique aroma, combining earthy, garlic, and sweetness notes with subtle hints of refreshing mint.

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Its dense buds, covered in resinous trichomes, dazzle with a combination of deep green tones and strokes of dark purple. When consumed, GMA Mints offers a complex and powerful flavor, with a fusion of sweet, earthy, and spicy tastes.
This hybrid strain, with a balanced Indica-Sativa dominance, provides a complete and relaxing effect. You will experience stimulating cerebral euphoria and deep body relaxation that will immerse you in a state of absolute well-being. Its therapeutic properties are highly valued for their ability to relieve stress, pain, and sleep disorders. Don't miss out on this limited edition from Ripper Seeds, designed to satisfy the most discerning connoisseurs. Get ready to indulge in the exceptional flavors and effects of GMA Mints!