RADICAL JUICE AUTO Feminized Cannabis Seeds

RADICAL JUICE AUTO Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Plant type

Indica dominant

Flowering from germination

70 to 75 days







The most radical terpenes are brought by Radical Juice, now in an Autoflowering version. In this Tropicana Cookies x Runtz cross, you will find a mix of strong fruity terpenes following the hype of recent years. An ideal plant for flowers or extractions. An explosion of aromas and flavors that will captivate the majority of users.

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RADICAL JUICE, Fruity terps

Radical Juice Auto has a very characteristic terpene profile typical of Tropicana, Zkittlez and Gelato varieties. A fruity and creamy variety that will fill our palate.
Its period from germination is 70-75 days
Radical Juice Automatica is a fruity variety, but not at all cloying, a good choice for day to day.

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