How to germinate marijuana seeds

If you want to start growing your own plant, the first thing you should know is how to plant and germinate marijuana seeds. Surely you have seen several ways to do it and would like to compare some methods. In this article, we will expose some key points that you should keep in mind and we will expose several methods so that you can compare and choose according to the one that seems most comfortable, the conditions of the space where you are going to grow and the results that want to get. To start with, it is important to have quality cannabis seeds . At Ripper Seeds we know that the raw material is the most important thing and therefore, we follow rigorous guidelines of conservation and renewal of stock so that you have fresh seeds and in the best conditions and can germinate successfully by following the appropriate steps. Whether you want to plant regular marijuana seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds or CBD seeds; It is vital to take care of the germination process since they are the first days of the plant's life.


The first step to germinate marijuana seeds is to get the basic material:

  • Seeds
  • A glass of water
  • Tweezers
  • Medium to germinate (to choose):
  • Kitchen paper
  • Peat or coconut fiber jiffy
  • Rock wool block
  • Root It propagation blocks or seedbed
  • Greenhouse or container with lid
  • Definitive flowerpot


The 3 star elements that we must combine perfectly will be:

  • LIGHT: For germination during the first days of the process, it is advisable that the marijuana seeds are in a dark place, in a closet or dark room. When we make the change to the final medium and pot, it is time to expose the plant to the greatest possible light. The leaves will open and function as a solar panel that absorbs that light as a source of energy. It is then advisable to give it 18h of light and 6h of darkness , like a long summer day.

  • TEMPERATURE: Between 20 and 25Cº. The tropical climate is ideal for the cannabis plant, so we must reproduce that feeling by combining temperature and humidity. We can achieve this temperature in several ways. If the season of the year coincides with this temperature, perfect, although we advise you to monitor the possible differences in temperature between day and night. In any other season, you can grow marijuana indoors and give the space the ideal temperature with a heat-prepared greenhouse. At Ripper Seeds we will advise you on the different options you have depending on the space you have and what can be best for you.

  • WATER: The water should have a PH close to 6.5. distilled water or osmosis water works perfectly . Sometimes growers add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to prevent possible fungal growth and provide more oxygen. It is important that it is not missing but that it is not over With a lack of water, the seed and the plant would dry out, and with excess water, the marijuana seed could be rotten or moldy.


In this section we will see that there are several ways to germinate cannabis seeds and that we can combine methods. It is advisable not to touch the seeds with your hands, some tweezers will help us to manipulate them.


For the marijuana seed to take the first root, we can choose between two initial methods:

  • Germination method in water: We will place the seeds in a glass or container full of water with a temperature between 22-26Cº, where they will be rehydrated. The We let it rest for 1 or 2 days until we see that the white tip of the root or radicle comes out of about 2 or 3mm.

  • Germination method with napkins or kitchen paper: We will take a plate or container and we will put a bed of paper with two faces. Cotton can also be used. We will wet it so that the paper remains wet, without puddling the plate. If it drips, we remove the excess water by tilting it. On that bed of wet paper, we place the seeds that we want to plant and cover them again with another double layer of kitchen paper. We will wet it in the same way, without excess water. We cover the container with a lid to keep the humidity, but we leave some hole or space for it to breathe and get air. We will wait 2 to 5 days for all the seeds to have taken root.


Normally, the germination method in water or with kitchen paper is combined with one of the following, before moving to the final pot. Although there are also growers who skip the first step and germinate directly through one of these methods:

Jiffy method of peat or coconut fiber

It is one of the most popular. Jiffy is a dehydrated and sterilized peat pellet that contains soil and the ideal amount of necessary nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. To use it, we will put it in water between 24-28Cº and wait about 5-10 minutes for it to swell. We take it out and squeeze it a little to remove the excess water, without draining. Then we will have a little bag of soil that will serve as support and germinator at the same time. We make a small hole between 5 and 10mm in it, place the seed with the tip of the root facing the bottom and cover it with soil.

Rock wool method

In this medium, the marijuana seeds will grow quickly although we will have to take care of the humidity level as it dries more quickly. So each day we must observe and add water as necessary. In this case, the greenhouse will be very useful to maintain and control the humidity level. This method is the most suitable if we want to grow in hydroponic or aeroponic systems as it will not leave remnants of peat or coconut fiber like Jiffys. In the humid soil, we introduce the seed as in the previous method, at a maximum of 1cm from the surface and with the root down. When we have about 4 or 5 cm we would be ready to pass it to the final pot.

Method of propagation plugs or Rootlt sponges

These are biodegradable sponges that stimulate the growth of marijuana roots that includes an innovative hole for rooting cuttings. This new method balances the amount of water and oxygen for best results. The steps to follow to germinate our cannabis seeds will be the same as with the stone wool block. Once we have planted the seed in one of the 3 media, we will place them in our greenhouse or in our prepared container, and we will wait between 2 and 4 days for the plant to appear a few centimeters from the ground. During that time, it will be very important that we control the balance between light, water and temperature.


Once we have our little marijuana plant, we can now transplant it to its definitive pot or pot , a bigger space where it can take root and grow on a good base. In some cases, growers go from step 1 to step 3, that is, they pass the seeds that have germinated in water or on kitchen paper to the final space. In this case, before planting the seed, we will first water the soil so that it remains moist and then we will place the seed 5-10mm from the surface with the root upside down. If we plant first and then water, we risk the cannabis seed getting lost or going to the bottom and finding it harder to grow and find its way to the surface. Now is the time to place the plant in a lighted place . Whether we want to plant indoor marijuana or outdoor marijuana we can adapt the space so that the temperature is ideal (using greenhouses or heaters) and that we have enough light (using different types of lamps). We already have our little marijuana plant and now we have to enjoy and take care of its growth.

We hope this comprehensive article helps you plant your seeds properly. If you want some more tricks, we recommend that you read our post for germinate your marijuana seeds with total guarantee of success .