Shipping and returns

How long will it take to get there?

If you choose private courier for domestic shipments, it will take 24 to 48 hours. Within Europe shipments will be between 2 to 4 business days and for international shipments will take between 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the country.

It is necessary that you provide us with a contact phone number for the transport agency, so it will be easier for them to make the delivery. In the event that you are not at the time of delivery, the transport agency will leave you a notice * so that you can contact them.

* In the event that you do not receive a notice, look at the tracking or consult the courier entity.

Express courier shipments will arrive worldwide between 3-7 days, although this option is not available in all countries. See shipping options.

Domestic mail shipments can take between 7-10 days and international shipments between 2 weeks and one month depending on the destination.

If your order has not arrived within 30 days send a message to

so that we can activate the claim to the transport agency. The transport agency has a period of 20 days to respond to our request. If after that time the claim has not been addressed or your package has not yet arrived, you can request a refund of your money or a return of the product.


If the shipment is returned to our warehouses for any circumstance without being delivered, we offer our clients two options:

- New shipment of the order. The new shipping costs must be paid again by the customer, provided that Ripper Seeds has not been responsible for the impossibility of delivery.

- Money back. If the customer no longer wishes to receive the order, she can request a refund of the purchase amount, except for the shipping costs, since it has been made and, therefore, must be paid.

In case of doubt you can contact us at