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From the cross between two of our most awarded marijuana seed varieties Ripper Haze and Criminal +, we bring you TOXIC, a hybrid created with the intention of achieving a high yield plant as much in flowers as in trichomes

One of the most popular varieties in recent times for its yield, taste and ease in terms of growing is Critical Mass. This plant originated from a cutting at the beginning of this century whose genetics descend from the older Big Bud Skunk, plants with a very high proportion of flowers to leaves and the old Afghani, with an early flowering time and compact, heavy flowers.


Toxic: semillas de marihuana feminizadas


The first polenization of this variety was carried out with Amnesia Haze. Amnesia is a hybrid of Super Silver Haze and Skunk that has won several competitions. It retains the energetic effect of the great sativas and in a little over two months of flowering. It is distinguished by having large trichomes and a good ratio of flowers to leaves.

At the moment, this plant’s family tree looks like this:

[(Afghani x Mexico x Colombia ) X Afghani]


[(Afghani x Haze)x(Afghani x Mexico x Colombia)]

This first cross gave us plants with a similar structure but with some difference in terms of flavor. The specimens that conserved some haze terpene were dismissed due to being so similar to the feminized Ripper Haze marijuana seeds and for not being what we were looking for at that moment. In their place, we selected various female specimens looking for a plant with the effect and the trichome size of Amnesia but with the typical sweet flavor or Skunk.

For the feminization process we used a White Widow of about 90’. At this time Scot Blake and Neville contributed their grain of sand to cannabis history, creating this and other varieties that will continue to be popular for a long time. Widow contributes its characteristic of having very compact flowers and lots of resin, and contributes little in terms of flavor and aroma. Thanks to the difference of genes in the feminization process, this plant preserves the typical hybrid vigor of the F1. The ancestors of this variety are Brazilian and Indian selections.

Here we have attached the final family tree of Toxic:

[(Afghani x Mexico x Colombia ) X Afghani]


[(Afghani x Haze)x(Afghani x Mexico x Colombia)]


( Brazil x India)

As a final result, Toxic maintains its dominant Sativa structure, its low level of foliage and its hard and compact flowers. These characteristics make it a hybrid that is resistant to fungus and pests. It is a great plant for beginners and experts alike.

A short vegetative cycle and rapid flowering, of only 60/65 dias, makes TOXIC an exceptional genotype for any time of marijuana grow situation. In outdoor and at these latitudes in can be harvested around the second week of October.

Flavor, aroma, yield, resin, potency and quality would be some of the many words that define this exceptional plant.

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