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The Washing machine variety of marijuana seeds was created with the idea of finding two varieties that fit perfectly in terms of distinguished organoleptic qualities such as smell and flavor, always keeping trichome production in mind, since it can’t be forgotten about when crossing for these characteristics.

In the creation of this variety, pollination was carried out with several different races—largely renound indicas with similar phenotypes. Finally, a pollination was carried out between UK Cheese and Bubba Kush, since UK Cheese produces a characteristic spiciness that perfectly complements Bubba Kush’s earthy flavor, and sweet licorice notes.

As is characteristic with the Kush heritage, Washing Machine has a density in its smoke that is very special. With just one puff we can see that the smoke has a great deal of body, and that it fills our mouth completely, pleasing even the most demanding palates.

It’s a variety of cannabis that is very suitable for making Iceolator and Dry Sift extractions due to its bulk and quantity of trichomes.

The flowering time of this Washing machine variety ends in only 60/65 days.


Semillas de marihuana Washing machine de Ripper Seeds



This is a description of Washing machine’s parents:


Exodus Cheese Clone


The original clone of the Cheese variety was created around the year 1988-1989 from a batch of Skunk Nº1, although its not clear who its creator was.

We’ve found two versions relating the creation of this clone:

  • The first cites that the clone was created in a place in the Chiltern hills around 1995 when it was given to the Exodus collective, which was known for its rave parties organized in the UK. It was at these parties where the collective gave the clone out to cultivators and producers.


  • The other version makes it clear that it was the Exodus collective that carried out the selection of said clone, and that it was pulled from a batch of Skunk Nº1 seeds, which is shared by both versions. The same collective was in charge of handing it over to other cultivators and producers.


Today the Exodus Cheese clone, also known as UK Cheese, has become a clone that we can find in the hands of the most epicurean cultivators and lovers of Cheese.

Bubba, which is a name used by the creator of the famed Bubba Kush, afirms that it is a cross between Northern Light x Kush. It is said that in 1996 he brought his Bubba to the Silver Lake zone and pollinated it with an OG Kush, giving way to the impressive Bubba Kush. As always, we have found different versions of the same history, but it is the second version that says that Bubba Kush is a cross between Bubble Gum x OG Kush.

These two varieties are a train wreck and their result is Washing Machine, created for the enjoyment of the public.

Jhonny Pot