Sour Diesel and its Origin

Much has been said about the ChemDawg, Sour and Kush , but little is said about where the cannabis seeds that ChemDog got at a concert by the rock band Grateful Dead in the summer of 1991 came from. In this post we explain the history of Chemdog genetics, a key strain in such varieties featured like Sour Diesel.

Chemdawg and Chemdog

ChemDog met PBud and Joe Brand at a rock concert by Deer Creek, an American band that performed at the former Deer Creek Amphitheater (now Klipsch Music Center) in Indiana (United States). PBud and Brand sold Chem an ounce of very high-quality weed for $ 500 that they called “DogBud” , a weed they bought on the Colorado and Oregon border from the year 88-89 and that it was a cross of these three varieties: Thai weed, Hashplant and Skunk . Joe Brand and ChemDog exchanged phones, and later ChemDog called Joe asking for two more ounces to take to the East Coast. According to ChemDog, in one of these ounces, 13 cannabis seeds came out and they never got more, neither for PBud nor Joe Brand. In 1991, ChemDog reportedly germinated 4 cannabis seeds, from which a male had to be discarded. Chemdog was a young grower and did not know the importance of males. Thus, the other three seeds began to bloom. They were the famous Chem91, ChemDawg Sister and Chemdawg B. In 2001 (it is assumed that when ChemDog lost genetics due to police intervention) it germinated 3 more seeds of the cannabis seeds that they had exchanged at the Grateful Dead concert. Of these, one was rubbish and of the other two they were left with ChemDawg D. In 2006 ChemDog and Joe Brand got together again and 4 of the last 5 seeds germinated . Of these, one remained, the current “ ChemDawg Pheno Meeting ”. ChemDog is supposed to still have 2 seeds ...

ChemDog creates Sour Diesel (SourD)

Back in 1993, ChemDog made a Super Skunk cross for their Chem91, which they called " Cock Diesel" . This clone was pollinated with a Northern Lights called DNL. The result had several names UnderDawg, DayWrecker or No1 Diesel, and from this genetic journey (Chem91 x Super Skunk / NL x DNL (pheno Skunk)) Sour Diesel was born, whose first packages were sold as Sour Diesel IBL by RezDog's Reservoir Seeds (ChemDog). The organoleptic combination of Sour Diesel is impressive: Chem is mixed with sour / acid and various nuances ranging from Skunk to the purest smell of diesel. Sour Diesel genetics develop resinous tails with a pervasive smell in about 67 days of flowering. They are plants that more than double their size at the start of the flowering period, not being a very "gluttonous" variety, although in good hands it can produce more than half a kilo of entricominated flowers per square meter with < strong> a% THC that can range from 18% to 25%. The effect is very balanced between cerebral and powerful, but without being anesthetizing. Some of us use it to boost creativity, euphoria and mental energy that makes you fly high with your feet on the ground. I want to thank the collaboration of the great Hydron from for these years of knowledge acquired and shared in the forums, thank you friend. Author: @minikoper