Regular or feminized marijuana seeds, the great dilemma of growers

Every season we find ourselves with the same dilemma: we don't know which marijuana genetics to choose, much less whether we should buy regular seeds or feminized . In this article we are going to review what must be taken into account for this type of choice that we face year after year. We will also see the importance of choosing those marijuana seeds, which will most closely match the tastes of each grower.

Choice of marijuana seeds: great myths

  • "Feminized seeds are not good for saving a mother": s e says that saving a mother from a feminized seed will give hermaphroditism problems, but it cannot be confirmed since there are well-known clones that have been selected and stored for years and come from feminized seeds.

  • Nowadays, factors that were valued years ago and that influence the definition of the sex of the plant or will favor the appearance of hermaphroditisms in cannabis plants that are sensitive to these changes are not taken into account. For example, the light spectrum with which we germinate marijuana seeds will be very important when it comes to having a larger number of females or males. A bluish spectrum will give a greater number of females , and on the contrary, an orange spectrum will give a greater number of males in regular seeds. This also affects feminized seeds to a greater or lesser degree, but we should take this into account every time we germinate cannabis seeds and we do not want to have possible problems.

  • We can also appreciate how the subscriber regimen that we carry in the growth phase will be decisive when defining the sex of our marijuana plants. A higher nitrogen load (high rate of growth fertilizer) will also negatively influence the definition of the sex of our plants.

  • Another factor that is not taken into account and is very important is the amount of plants that we can grow per m2. The greater the number of plants per square meter, the greater the lack of light that will occur as they grow .

If we start from clones in our cultivation, the number of marijuana plants that we can grow will vary from 20 to 25 plants per m2, depending on the growth. In the case of starting our cultivation from marijuana seeds , the number of plants that we can have is reduced to 14 or 16 plants per m2. This is because at the end of the growth phase or moving to flowering, we will see how its structure is greater and also the leaves and flowers. In this way, we will be able to fill the entire space without stressing the plants by putting too many per m2. All this will depend on the size of the pot we use, the bigger the plant, the bigger the pot should be. An example that I have lived not long ago, is that of making a selection of some regular seeds. I chose the clone that I wanted to keep and, for reasons of housing change, I put that mother under 2 Ufos of 80w (Led). In just three weeks that the racking lasted, it was enough to see how that mother, who was female, had been affected by this light stress and began to show a sudden sex change. To make sure that this had happened, I put a clone of her to bloom twice, being able to see how male flowers came out and removing the plants from the crop before they could open. On another occasion we will see all the factors that affect and can cause a marijuana plant to show hermaphroditism traits and with that we will be able to gain more knowledge so that we do not encounter these and other problems that we could easily avoid.

Remember flavors for a perfect choice of marijuana seeds

Something very important to be able to choose quality cannais seeds will be the stored memory of each variety that we liked the most. We can try to remember smells and flavors from day to day and apply them when analyzing the qualities of cannabis flowers. For that we must practice and we will see how, over time, the nuances of each cannabis variety will begin to be appreciated and remembered much more. We are talking about terpenes and flavonoids , which in future articles we will dedicate an entire article to them, since it is an extensive topic and not long ago they have been related to the medicinal effect that produce the combinations of cannabinoids available to marijuana plants. So far one more week, I thank all the readers.