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When you go out to buy or choose the pot to grow your germinated marijuana seed or plant, you’ll find a huge variety of options. So, before making a decision keep your plant and the amount of space that you have for it in mind, if it is indoor or outdoor, dimensions, etc.


It’s important for growing success to make a decision based on all of these conditions. Keep in mind that the pot you choose will be home for the roots of your marijuana plant for a long time, and that they must be well cared for, hydrated and oxygenated. During the first phase of growth you won’t be able to check what is going on inside and make spontaneous decisions, given that it’s an important phase for the roots to settle in their new space and grow healthily, comfortably and easily.


The size of the pot is something to keep in mind since the more space that the roots have, the more they can expand and grow. Typically one starts in smaller containers and transplants as the plant grows. We can find pots in a variety of sizes: from 0,20L up to 50L.


What kind of pots are available and how to you choose?


You’ll see that there are pots made in all different materials, sizes, shapes and colors. We have prepared a list here so that you can consider what makes the most sense for you, and see the advantages and disadvantages of every type of container for your cannabis plant.

Basically we can see two different types of large classifications:

  • plastic
  • fabric

Within these categories there are different varieties.




These are the most common and popular. They exist in different sizes, are made of rigid plastic, and are easy to reuse. They are also great for taking advantage of space, especially for indoor situations where you can fit them in any space or even stack them in a line if you want to plant different types of marijuana seeds.


The color is important, depending especially on whether you will have the plant indoors or outdoors. In indoor marijuana plants you can use black or white, opaque non-translucent or transparent pots almost interchangeably. On the other hand, if you want to grow your plant outdoors, its important to keep in mind that black pots can only be used in cold seasons and are not at all recommendable above all in medium to high temperatures, since they absorb all of the light and heat and can burn the roots leading to the possible death of the plant. On the other hand, white pots reflect outdoor light, thereby protecting the cannabis plant from excessive temperatures in warmer months.


Maceta cuadrada negra para plantar semillas de marihuana




This is a square pot but with 4 legs that allows for better aeration below it.





These are used more for outdoor grow situations and mother plants. We also need to keep color in mind, as stated before, in order to care for the root system and avoid damaging the plant. They tend to be white.

They may come with or without a foundation and the shape of the pot also determines the shape of the plant. They are good for the final phases of growth of the marijuana plant, since they are sold in medium and large sizes.


Maceta redonda blanca para plantar semillas de marihuana




These are pots designed to avoid spirals and tangles in roots. They have holes on the bottom and function as a self-pruning system, since when the roots grow through these holes, the air naturally prunes and growth stops. This makes it such that new roots come out, and even more oxygenated; which causes their growth to accelerate, and as a result we have more flowering and therefore, more buds.


This helps us to achieve the growth of secondary roots as well as growth of the width of our plant, so that it doesn’t become so tall in event that we want to transplant it outdoors later. It is ideal for mother plants and outdoor growing to have more compact plants.


We should measure our irrigation and water since excess water will come out of the holes. Given that, we should irrigate little by little and often because the plant will have more air pockets through which to breathe, and will be able to dry more fully. We also advise you to place a plate below the plant for the water that drains out.


Maceta aeropot negra para plantar semillas de marihuana




Fabric pots, also known as Smart Pots provide the same benefits as those previously mentioned, since they keep roots from tangling and spiraling. They are made of a material that allows for natural pruning and allows the plant to breath, oxygenate and grow in a more dense and compact shape.

Unlike the previous option, they are very easy to store and fold once they are used and they can be easily washed. Since water passes through the fabric, we need to pay more attention to watering so that the plant doesn’t get too dry.


Maceta de tela Smart Pots para plantar semillas de marihuana




The growbag is a system that we can utilize just as much in indoor as outdoor growing. The principle benefit of this container is that it is easy to transplant. We simply need to cut the bottom part of the bag and allow it to fall with its soil and shape into the next pot, making is such that the plant will hardly suffer when transplanted. Another of the advantages is that it is easy to stack and dispose of once we move the plant to a new pot.


Bolsa de cultivo blanca para plantar semillas de marihuana




Autoflowering cannabis plants need space in order to grow and hydrate well. This pot is designed for outdoor cannabis growing and is ideal for the entire process of the autoflowering marijuana seeds and large plants such as Deimos, Magnum or Big Devil XL since we can be sure that the roots will be able to achieve their greatest potential.

On the bottom part, aside from the common holes, these have a fabric that helps avoid spiraling and accumulation of roots. This pot provides the necessary space and substrate for the plant.




This type of pot is meant for growing hydro and aero cannabis and is recommended by Dutch Pot, DWC Pot, and other hydroponic and aeroponic systems. We can find net pots of different sizes. The smallest work for cuttings while the largest can be used to grow our indoor and outdoor plants.

They help us to keep clay pebbles inside with our roots so that the roots can emerge and look for water without obstacles. They are easy to wash and reuse.


Maceta rejilla negra para plantar semillas de cannabis




These are the ones you have seen your whole life, and they are easy to find. Some already have holes so that the soil and plant can breathe, but you need to make sure. Normally they already come with their plate to collect the water that drains out. These pots are heavier than plastic pots but the good thing about clay and mud is that it has the natural characteristic of being able to absorb and balance humidity, which can refresh the plant in hot months.


Maceta de arcilla para plantar semillas de marihuana



These help with the identification of different types of seeds if you want to plant various types and be able to differentiate between them without tags.


Macetas de colores para plantar semillas de marihuana