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The feminized Hawaiian Wave seeds come from a selection of one of the strongest Hawaiian sativas from the past decade: Hawaiian Haze, crossed with our sweet and “devastating” Double G.


Semillas de marihuana feminizadas Hawaiian Wave de Ripper Seeds



Origens of Hawaiian Wave


The origins of this 100% sativa Hawaiian Haze are situated in 5 of the 6 large groups of world sativas: Mexican, Colombian, Thai, Indian, and Hawaiian. These varieties have a great Sativa effect—energetic, and with high yield. But the principal problem is their long flowering time– since in the majority of cases it takes over 120 days—and their large size.

Thanks to the contribution of the Afghani Double G, you can get Haze sativas with a more acceptable flowering period, while still maintaining the structural characteristics of a good sativa. This is an ideal plant for large outdoor substrate pots, or for the SCROG technique (screens of green). 

Hawaiian Wave is, without a doubt, the most sativa plant that you can find in our online seed bank catalogue. A sweet mix of red fruit flavors with an intense metallic Haze tone, which is characteristic of sativas. These cannabis seeds have a very clear and introspective effect, and flower in as little as 80 days!

Their “high” is active, mental, and very long lasting, providing long and pleasant Sativa experiences. Thanks to the result of this sativa/indica hybridization we have obtained a flowering period of 10 weeks and a great yield.

Some of the phenotypes that appear easily are purple shades on the leaves and flowers since this plant adjusts quickly to drops in temperature and begins a rapid production of carotene in place of chlorophyll. These changes in color occur in tandem with an increase in resin production.


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