Discover light marijuana: A legal marijuana

Last weekend the Canapa Mundi , International Hemp Fair in Italy, from February 16 to 18, and without a doubt, the novelty and the star product of this year at Canapa Mundi has been light hemp or light marijuana < / em>.

At Ripper Seeds we always try to attend and participate in international fairs and events in the sector to be up-to-date and know current events in the marijuana market . And of course, we have not missed the appointment!

Here we bring you one of the most revolutionary news in the sector:

Legal marijuana is making its way at an unstoppable pace and we are facing a new scenario, with a new type of marijuana called light marijuana or legal marijuana that is growing like foam. It all started in Italy, where this type of cannabis for legal sale began to be cultivated, whose expansion has only just begun.

What is light marijuana?

It is a variety of cannabis called Eleta Campana , a light marijuana flower that contains a lower percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) , which does not reach 1%. On the other hand, it has 4% CBD (cannabidiol), one of the components of cannabis that has contributed to the legalization of therapeutic or medicinal cannabis in many countries due to its multiple effects. In addition, the Government has raised the allowed THC ratio from 0.2% to 0.6% . In this way, we are facing a very significant change with a new product whose commercialization is experiencing great growth. In Italy you can buy cannabis seeds and grow varieties of industrial hemp that do not exceed 0.2% in THC. That is why they are included in the community registry and the list of European certified varieties . In fact, what has triggered everything is that there is no debate about the legalization of this type of herb if the percentages of THC do not fall within the prohibited parameters. The growing demand for these hemp or light hemp flowers are revolutionizing the market and farmers in the area are facing a crop that outstrips any other in terms of income. Let's not forget that a legal trade of this type would also bring many benefits to any economy with new jobs and large tax collections, which ultimately benefits governments as well. Thanks to this new variety of legal cannabis, Canapa Mundi, which has been held since 2015, has grown exponentially in this edition. We have seen more attendees than ever, more exhibitors and new businesses that offer the new variety of low THC legal cannabis packed in airtight jars, in the purest Californian style. Currently you can buy light marijuana in specialized stores. If you are interested in other types of varieties, you can consult our online seed bank .