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Resin Craft Tray
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  • Resin Craft Tray
  • Resin Craft Tray

Resin Craft Tray

Resin Craft Tray - Manicure Trays

Discover our manicure trays specially designed for cannabis lovers looking to maximize their harvest and make the most of every part of their plant. These trays not only make the manicure process easier, but are also designed to efficiently collect resin, allowing you to create high-quality hash with minimal effort.


1x Resin Craft Tray

1x Brush

1x Curved tip scissors

1x Straight tip scissors

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Discreet packaging


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Main Features:

High-Quality Material: Made from durable, easy-to-clean materials, our trays are designed to withstand heavy use without deteriorating.
Ergonomic Design: The shape and size of the trays are optimized to provide a comfortable and efficient experience during the manicure process.
Efficient Resin Collection: Equipped with a fine mesh that allows the resin to fall while keeping the buds clean, these trays ensure that every drop of resin is captured.
Easy to Use: Simply place the buds in the tray and start manicure. The resin will be collected in the lower compartment, ready to be used in hashish production.
Versatility: Perfect for both home growers and professionals, these trays adapt to different harvest volumes and work styles.


Maximizing Production: Don't waste even a bit of resin. Each manicure session will allow you to collect a significant amount of hash resin.
Premium Quality: Obtain high purity hashish thanks to the careful collection of the resin.
Efficiency and Comfort: Makes manicure work easier, making it faster and less tedious.

Transform your manicure process and take advantage of every gram of your harvest with our cannabis manicure trays. Make every trichome count!